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On September 9 and 10 CiDA took part in the Georgia Youth Organizations’ 8th Forum. The purpose of the forum was to develop relations between NGOs and expand the participation of civil sector in decision making processes.
CiDA representatives informed guests about the ongoing projects and planned activities; Information brochures and manuals printed by CiDA were distributed.
About 200 organizations which work on projects for children and youth, participated in the forum, both on governmental, so international and local levels.

Similar forum was held in Telavi on September 29th. The main purpose of the forum was to provide information for the interested people about both professional and academic education and employment opportunities.
Within the scope of the mentioned event, the representatives of CiDA held the presentation of the project Training and Employment Support Initiative in Criminal Justice Sector in Georgia and talked about the education and employment of target groups such as conditionally convicted, juvenile and former convicts.

Friday, 29 September 2017 00:00
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A consultative meeting between representatives of the Government of Georgia and the business sector was held on August 11, to discuss findings of a national baseline research on business and human rights. 

The research is a joint initiative of the Human Rights Secretariat of the Government of Georgia, Civil Development Agency (CiDA) and the Public Defender’s Office and is supported with expertise from the Danish Institute for Human Rights. The consultations will end the research process by reflecting recommendations of the stakeholders – state agencies, local government, business sector, non-governmental and international organizations. The final research report will be released later in 2017.
Similar meeting was held in Batumi, where the research authors introduced the main finding and the goal of the research to the representatives of local self-government bodies.
The research focuses on various aspects related to business and human rights, including for legislation and existing practice. Findings of the research will serve as the basis for a three-year action plan which will become part of the Governmental Action Plan on Human Rights 2018-2020.
Prior to launching the research activities, a two-day training was organized in Tbilisi involving experts from the Danish Institute for Human Rights. The training aimed at advancing skills of the individuals responsible for conducting the research as well as at elaborating a chapter on Business and Human Rights to be included into the Governmental Action Plan on Human Rights 2018-2020.
By adopting its Action Plan on Human Rights for 2016-2017, the Government of Georgia has committed to develop a similar action plan on business and human rights to provide incentives for responsible business operations that is based on the respect for human rights and ensures sustainable and inclusive social-economic development. Conducting a baseline research represents a pilot stage to this direction.
The Human Rights Secretariat is supported by the European Union (EU) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) under the programme “Human Rights for All”. This Euro 4 million EU-funded initiative supports and promotes the implementation and monitoring of the National Human Rights Strategy and Action Plan 2014-2020.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017 00:00
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On July 12, CSR Club members held a meeting at a Natakhtari office.
Board members summarized the Club’s activities and discussed 2017 action plans, which include various events like CSR Week, a working database of the members, conducting research of CSR practice in Georgia, organizing public lectures at universities, intensive media coverage of CSR issues, and encouraging the business and NGO sectors to strengthen their relations.
Board members discussed the upcoming CSR Week, which will be held next month. Within the Week, thematic meetings, discussions, and public lectures will be held. The General meeting of the Club members will end the Week.
The board discussed organizational issues of the upcoming Award and positively assessed the Award concept presented by club secretariat. The Award ceremony aims to popularize CSR activities in Georgia.

Monday, 31 July 2017 00:00
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Global Compact Network Georgia (GCNG) Steering Committee meeting was held on July 18, in the premises of the American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia.

The contact person for the Global Compact Network Georgia presented the overview of the developments in the UNGC on the global level. The Committee reviewed the Action Plan for 2017, the activities planned for the first half of the year, are either already implemented or in the process of implementation. The members of the committee discussed activities that are to be implemented during the rest of the year. The Committee discussed two major upcoming events- CSR Week (organized by the CSR Club, in cooperation with GCN Georgia) planned in September and Business and Human Rights Week planned in December, which includes international conference and series of events, such as master classes by international experts. 

The Secretariat and the members of the Committee measured the progress achieved so far with regard to the recruitment of new members and planned the activities in order to suggest tangible benefits to the members and attract new participants to the Network.

The activities implemented by Civil Development Agency (CiDA) with regard to corporate social responsibility are supported by East-West Management Institute’s (EWMI) ACCESS project through USAID funding.

Thursday, 20 July 2017 12:17
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