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Your City Government and You

Project title: Your City Government and You
Donor: Management Systems International (MSI)
Budget: 49 650 GEL ($30 000)
Project duration: 10 months
Project goal: Increased public knowledge regarding city activities and public involvement in city decision-making process.

Project beneficiaries: 100,000 citizens of all ages, ethnicities and political views of self-governing City Rustavi.
Activities: Mechanisms to Increase Public Awareness:
• City of Rustavi Website: Working together, CiDA staff and City officials will add more practical information to the City Website ( and make it easier for citizens to access.
• “Your City Government and You”: CiDA staff and City staff will prepare a brochure that summarizes City obligations and citizen rights and lists contact mechanisms citizens can use to clarify, monitor, and advocate issues.
B. Mechanisms to Increase Public Monitoring:
• “Citizens Electronic Monitoring System” (CEMS): CiDA will link mobile phones, landlines, and web-based communications technology to allow citizens, CSOs and the media to monitor City implementation of projects scheduled during the project period. In particular, CiDA will create an interactive map of Rustavi that outlines the City’s 5 internal municipalities. The map will be posted on the webpage CiDA hosts for CSOs ( ) and city ooficial wepage-
• “Visible Sakrebulo”: CiDA will collaborate with City staff to monitor official City proceedings. Brief reports will be prepared about meeting’s participants, topics and outcomes and will be published on the City Website and on CEMS. CiDA’s lawyer also will work with City officials to stimulate citizen and CSO participation in Sakrebulo committee and plenary meetings.
C. Mechanisms to Increase Public Advocacy:
• “Public Advisory Council” (Council): CiDA will lobby the Sakrebulo to create a Public Advisory Council. The Sakrebulo will report to Council members about Sakrebulo business during the prior month. For their part, Council members will report CSO activities during the prior month, pending activities, improvements to the City Website, monitoring efforts carried out under the CEMS and Visible Sakrebulo initiatives.